Domain Names

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Your Domain Name is a vital part of the arsenal of services that we provide to get you online. To find out if your Domain Name is available, simply search for it in the Domain Search form and you can then purchase that domain name for your website. If the one your want isn't available, or your have a domain registered with another registrar and want to transfer your domain to us, there will be alternatives in the search results that you can choose from, and the option of transferring your domain from your current registrar (some setup may be required with your current registrar to release your domain from them prior to performing a transfer with us).

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name (sometimes just referred to as the "Domain") is the name that visitors will enter into their browsers to reach your website, for example, our domain is "". You must have at least one domain name to get your website online, and it is the first thing you should get when starting this process, as without it, nobody will be able to get to your website.